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A Bit About Us

Established in 2002, “It’s not clean, until it’s TripleCLEAN” has been our slogan since day one. Why? Our goal is to set the standard for commercial kitchen cleaning in Alberta. A locally owned and operated business; we will stop at nothing to deliver unrivaled cleaning programs to our clients in the food service industry.

Working With Us

Keep your kitchen spotless year round with our help—it's quick, convenient and cost-effective! We phone with a reminder when it's time to book an appointment for regular maintenance and arrive 15 minutes early on cleaning day to alert the kitchen that we're prepared to work.

The First Clean

When we take on new clients we almost always find that the kitchen fans, ductwork and access panels have not been cleaned according to NFPA regulations. This means you can expect your initial cleaning to be the most time consuming appointment. We will address and correct the issues with your kitchen so it is truly TripleClean!

Vent cleaning on rooftop
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