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Exhaust vent

Alberta's Choice for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Trust your kitchen exhaust cleaning to the certified technicians at TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and a bit of elbow grease to thoroughly clean your entire exhaust system. Hoods, fans, ducts and all of the other invisible components receive our full attention. We do it right the first time and that means peace of mind!

Stay Protected with Regular Maintenance

Commercial exhaust systems are designed to remove cooking residues, grease vapours and smoke from the kitchen. The amount of maintenance your exhaust system requires depends on how busy your kitchen is. Kitchens that see heavy use (12-16 hours/day) will require maintenance 2-3 times a year. Save money on your kitchen exhaust maintenance when you hire us for ongoing maintenance! Receive your free estimate today.

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