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What Our Clients Are Saying about Us

Over the past decade TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance has been fortunate to work with many outstanding restaurateurs throughout Edmonton and across Alberta. Here are some of the kind words they have had to say about our commercial kitchen cleaning services:

“Highly recommend TripleClean to others in the restaurant Industry.”


April 2019

“Great service and serviceman. Extremely pleased.”


April 2019

“Top notch service!”


April 2019

“I am a new customer and it’s wonderful that the office staff keep my schedule for service every 3 months. I never worry about keeping the cleaning up to date.”


March 2019

“You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!”


February 2019

“Thank you so much for a job well done!“


February 2019

“We have been with TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance for years. Prices are higher but well worth the service. We even tried another company after the initial service and came back to TripleClean as they exceed the quality of service by other providers.”


February 2019

“Fantastic Service! TripleClean goes above and beyond!”


November 2018

“Very pleased with the service! Punctual and extremely professional!”


November 2018

“Friendly, fast and great service.”


August 2018

“Great crew and office staff! The office calls me whenever my next service is due on their schedule. I never have to think about missing my next cleaning.”


July 2018

“I have been a customer for 7 years. TripleClean is very punctual with my schedule and always does an excellent job when cleaning. Highly recommend their service.”


March 2018

“High quality work! The crew is professional and polite.”


March 2018

“I am a new customer and very pleased with the service. Even with a minor issue of a grease leak the supervisor came back the next morning and fixed the problem.”


March 2018

"New customer and very pleased with this company. I will recommend them to all my restaurant friends.”


March 2018

“Always punctual and pleasant to work with. Someone is always there to answer the phone and my questions. Great job guys!”


February 2018

“We are a new customer and we were very pleased with the job that TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance did on our restaurant. We now have used them for our other locations as well. We highly recommend their crew and service.”


February 2018

“We used to have TripleClean clean our 3 locations but then went to another cleaner due to prices. After 2 years we have returned as a customer with TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance. Their quality of service goes above and beyond!”


February 2018

“I’m a new customer and am very pleased with the service. A bit more money but worth every penny!”


January 2018

“TripleClean does our exhaust systems at 4 locations in Edmonton. We have been a customer for many years and are very pleased with their service.”


January 2018

“I have been a long-time customer with Tripleclean Exhaust Maintenance. I would not use anyone else to do the system in my restaurant. A bit more pricy but you get what you pay for; they clean from top to bottom.”


January 2018

“Very pleased with the service! Punctual and extremely professional with their cleaning.”


January 2018

“So pleased with the quality of service! Our franchise is throughout Alberta and TripleClean now does all locations.”


December 2017

“I use TripleClean Exhaust for 3 of my restaurants and now added a 4th restaurant. All work is high quality! Joan in the office is extremely punctual on keeping my cleanings on schedule for my locations. No need to worry about when I’m due to have the system cleaned, she calls me!”


December 2017

"We have been using Triple cleaning for a few years and we are satisfied with their services. Dale and his team had knowledge of what needed to be done. Thank you for all their hard work.”


October 13, 2017

"We have been very satisfied overall with your services. TripleClean has always provided reliable, high quality and useful service. We would rate the service as above average. The staff and crew are extremely responsive. We have been a customer for 2 years."


October 4, 2017

"Dale’s crew has been servicing our exhaust system for many years now. We have 3 restaurant locations in Edmonton and are very pleased with the continued service they provide. We appreciate knowing the job is done right for our fire inspections."

-Edmund B.
August 27, 2017

"We’ve always received excellent service whenever we’ve needed to contact them, especially since you always speak to the right person!"

-Brenda T.
August 16, 2017

"Our experience has been trouble free, with prompt, reliable service, while their offering has been better that the competition. A bit more expensive although cheap isn’t always better."

-Nancy G.
August 8, 2017

"Fantastic Service! Your service team is amazing. I could not recommend this company enough. It is a breath of fresh air to deal with a company that goes above and beyond for customers."

-Vincent D.
August 7, 2017

"One of the most gratifying things is having people you can rely on, and stand firmly behind their service. Thank you to the crew and management."

-David G.
July 31, 2017

"This is the first time we’ve used TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance for the service of cleaning our system. We were blown away by the depth of their service and their knowledge of what needed to be done. We look forward to becoming a long-term customer."

-Hans J.
July 15, 2017

"I’m happy to proclaim that your service has blown all our other cleaners aside. Especially the big clean we had a few years back when you really took charge of the mess that was left by the other cleaners. Thank you for your attention to detail, quick and efficient service, easy booking, gosh, I am happy with Triple Clean."

July 12, 2017

"To all restaurant owners: this is the first time I used TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance for my exhaust systems. They have the state-of-the-art equipment for inside and outside cleaning. Dale the owner is very friendly and knows what he is doing. Don't be afraid to spend a few extra dollars, because they are awesome. Call them for a free quote. I am totally sold on them."

Oct 12, 2014

"…I would like to thank Triple Clean Exhaust Maintenance and the crew for all their hard work."


Oct 26, 2012

"Good job. Thank-you."


Oct 26, 2012

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